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Supravision Network Protocol Infrastructure Setup Notes For IT Departments

VTube can communicate with many benders using the Supravision Network protocol.  We ask that IT departments for each VTube customer commit to handling the network infrastructure design and installation. The Advanced Tubular team will gladly guide you during the installation. It helps make training much better if the network infrastructure is in place before our VTube-LASER training technician arrives.

Here is what you should know about the infrastructure for the protocol:


The infrastructure for the Supravision Network protocol is a simple shared-path network. It works by the two communicating computers' files being saved and loaded quickly.  Up to 100 benders can be connected to this network.  Any number of measuring centers can be on this network.

Spec 2: READ/WRITE Access

Therefore, the bender and the measuring center computers must have file read/write access to the same network path. Where the path resides is usually unimportant.

Spec 3: The Infrastructure Type is Insignificant

For example, the protocol does not know if you choose a cabled or WiFi network. However, we generally find that a cable connection is easier and more robust (less error-prone). If you ask our opinion, we will suggest a cabled network.

Spec 4:  Use a Reasonably Fast Network

The default time-out for responses through saving and loading command files is 10 seconds.  This transfer can happen within 10 seconds in a typical network because of the small data size. Users can become frustrated if a network is so busy that it prevents the bender from answering the measuring center within that period. However, time-outs can be increased in VTube. 

Spec 5: Example Process

  1. When VTube is SENDING data, VTube saves a command file, the bender loads the command file, and the bender deletes the command file.
  2. If VTube RECALLs data, then VTube saves a command file, the bender loads the command file, the bender deletes the command file, the bender then saves a new response file for VTube, VTube loads the response file, VTube deletes the response file, and then VTube appends a line of data to a separate history log file.

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