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HEXAGON RDS RS5 Scanner Setup Recommendations - Red Laser

This page is for the RS5 red laser scanner.  For the AS1 blue laser scanner, see this page:

The following RDS RSx setup is recommended for using VTube-LASER with HEXAGON arms and the RS5 (red laser) scanners.

To make changes to the settings, you will need to enter Advanced mode.  

1 - Click on the Standard button in the upper right corner.

2. Enter the password. The standard is "Advanced".

3. Make the changes to the values as shown in the first screen image above.

4. Save a new Profile (a laser configuration) called "VTube".

5. Press Save in the lower right.

6. Press Quit.

7. Be sure that the VTube scanning profile is used for scanning in VTube-LASER.