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Previous Version History - v4.1 builds 1262 through 1275: VTube update history for version 4.1

See this PDF document for updates previous to 4.1.1262: VTube v4 Update History.pdf

Version 4.2 - Build 1311, September 20, 2023

VTube's SOLIDWORKS Builder now shows a Builder Report after the build is complete.

  • This report will show either SUCCESS, SUCCESS with Warnings, or ERRORS.
  • The report dialog is not modal and will not stop with any other process in VTube-LASER.

Version 4.2 - Build 1309, September 19, 2023

Before starting a build, the SOLIDWORKS builder warns users of any negative straights in the bender data.

  • SOLIDWORKS cannot handle negative straight distances between bends when building parts. This warning allows users to stop the build to correct the problem first.

Adjustments were made so VTube can now always draw a model with near zero-length distances between bends.

  • Previous versions could throw errors during redraw when distances between bends were within the range of +/- 0.0002 millimeters (+/- 0.000008 inches).

Multiple enhancements were made to the true views in SOLIDWORKS tube layouts.

  • Tube layouts now have Arc Lengths and DBB+Arc Length values in each SOLIDWORKS true bend.
  • The language spreadsheet now controls the language in the layout labels.
  • The labels fix the linear distances to match the correct linear unit.

SOLIDWORKS Builder no longer causes SOLIDWORKS to crash every other load.

Version 4.2 - Build 1305, September 16, 2023

BENDER PROJECT CONTROL Enhancement - The part number boxes are now read-only.

Also, when they are not being used, VTube colors them grey.

Version 4.2 - Build 1303, September 14, 2023

BENDER PROJECT CONTROL Enhancement - PART NUMBERS now display below each button in the BPC window.

BEND PROFILE ENHANCEMENT - Automatic synchronization of Part Setup OD to the nominal OD in the Bend Profile section of Inspection Data

This synchronization is essential when operators want to correctly measure and calculate bend profile radii. The correct ODnom value is used to calculate the centerline radius of the bend from inside-only radius measurements.

Version 4.2 - Build 1301, September 12, 2023

Tube model images now display in Bender Project Control bender buttons.

Version 4.2 - Build 1300, September 10, 2023

The Pass-Fail icons are now disabled when starting the alignment

The icons previously stayed red or green during the alignment phase - making it seem like the alignment state was set before the alignment was complete. This change clarifies that VTube-LASER is still working on an alignment pass-fail decision.

Point values can now be pasted into the tangent centerline point grids.

Set the proper point count for regular centerline points, turn the grid locking off, enter the tangent grid, right-click to get the pop-up menu, and press Paste the XYZ data.  VTube will take in the data and automatically calculate regular centerline XYZ coordinates.

Version 4.2 - Build 1298, September 7, 2023

We added the VTube-LASER Bender Project (BPC) Control feature.

The BPC feature is designed to allow projects to be controlled by bender numbers. The goal was to allow bender operators to associate a VTube project file with any bender and then quickly switch to that project by selecting the bender number. 
The Bender Project Control window shows numbered buttons that are associated with each bender in a bender network.
To change the project loaded in VTube, press the appropriate bender number button.
Press a bender number, and a dialog appears that allows you to associate a VTube project file with that bender.
If an association exists, you can immediately open the new project in VTube-LASER.

Version 4.2 - Build 1292, August 29, 2023

VTube has a new report token that automatically adds parentheses around alternative unit values in reports.

The token is "<vtube_val_alt_parens>" and is used like this:

<vtube_iterate section=XYZ>
    <td class="td_index"><vtube_val>Array_point_label</vtube_val></td>
    <td class="td_xyz"><vtube_val>Array_X</vtube_val></td>
    <td class="td_xyz"><vtube_val_alt_parens>Array_X</vtube_val_alt_parens></td>
    <td class="td_xyz"><vtube_val>Array_Y</vtube_val></td>
    <td class="td_xyz"><vtube_val_alt_parens>Array_Y</vtube_val_alt_parens></td>
    <td class="td_xyz"><vtube_val>Array_Z</vtube_val></td>
    <td class="td_xyz"><vtube_val_alt_parens>Array_Z</vtube_val_alt_parens></td>
    <td class="td_xyz_radius"><vtube_val>Array_RADIUS_XYZ</vtube_val></td>
    <td class="td_xyz"><vtube_val_alt_parens>Array_RADIUS_XYZ</vtube_val_alt_parens></td>

This token is beneficial because it allows the template to show the parenthesis only when floating point values are inserted in the report.

Version 4.2 - Build 1291, August 26, 2023

We fixed an issue with the Han Jie SVNET protocol that would not allow 180-degree bends to be corrected.

180-degree bends can now be handled during correction.

Version 4.2 - Build 1290, August 24, 2023

This build includes a new VTube-STEP Viewer Mode license that is free to install and use anywhere.


The mode is designed to allow VTube-LASER and VTube-STEP customers to share their VTube projects with customers or users who only need to view the data stored in VTube project files.

Share this program with any customer or business partner who needs to view the data you saved in VTube-STEP or VTube-LASER.

Download the viewer installation from this website.

The installation program requires a password to finish the install.  Request the password from

The Viewer Mode UI includes a new Upgrade Options button in the top toolbar.

Press this new button to display an Upgrade Options dialog that explains the upgrade options for full-powered VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER.

VTube now stores deleted COLLECTED and CONSTRUCTED entities for UNDO.

Version 4.2 - Build 1285, July 28, 2023

VTube-LASER now displays the probe diameter above the viewport for any measuring center running in tactile mode.

This feature lets users know with assurance what the probe diameter is when in tactile mode.

VTube-LASER now automatically requests Metronor probe diameter when it connects to the Metronor server.

Version 4.2 - Build 1284, July 27, 2023

VTube-LASER now supports Metronor LightPens.

These light pens can measure tubes and pipes 5 to 25 meters in length (depending on the number of cameras and setup.)

VTube-LASER has a new Metronor measure device type and a Metronor Connect window that displays when Metronor is selected as the device type.
VTube-LASER has 
The Linear Dimension Space Object window has been repaired.  (We accidentally renamed it and removed some components.  This has been fixed.)

Version 4.2 - Build 1281, July 24, 2023

VTube can now display linear unit values in any unit in the same report - regardless of the current user interface linear unit setting.

The linear units can be...

  1. Current user interface linear units (either inches or millimeters)
  2. Alternative to the current user interface linear units (millimeters if UI is inches, and inches if UI is millimeters)
  3. Inches
  4. Feet
  5. Yards
  6. Millimeters
  7. Centimeters
  8. Meters

See this page for how to form the HTML tags to allow this formatting in VTube report templates.

This is how the alternative user units can be displayed in a report.
The sample code for this output is:
    <td class="td_index"><vtube_val>Array_INDEX</vtube_val></td>
    <td class="td_xyz"><vtube_val>Array_X</vtube_val>
    <td class="td_xyz"><vtube_val>Array_Y</vtube_val>
    <td class="td_xyz"><vtube_val>Array_Z</vtube_val>
    <td class="td_xyz_radius"><vtube_val>Array_RADIUS_XYZ</vtube_val>
Note also that the alternative units will use the proper decimal place formatting set in System Options.
The alternative unit will be millimeters if the display linear units are inches.
The alternative unit will be inches if the display linear units are millimeters.

Version 4.2 - Build 1279, July 12, 2023

This build fixes a Bend Profile calculation issue that started in build 1272 (June 22, 2023).

We fixed a Bend Profile radius calculation issue that would prevent VTube-LASER from calculating the correct bend radius with a single inside-bend scan.

VTube would try to install the Visual C++ redistributable in every install - even if it was already installed on the VTube computer. This has been fixed.

Version 4.2 - Build 1277, July 11, 2023

Note: If you use Bend Profile Inside-Radius measuring, upgrade to version 4.2 build 1279 described above. This build 1279 is a critical update for you.

A few user interface captions were fixed in VTube SOLIDWORKS Builder.

Version 4.2 - Build 1276, July 6, 2023

Note: If you use Bend Profile Inside-Radius measuring, upgrade to version 4.2 build 1279 described above. This build 1279 is a critical update for you.

New: VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER can now build complete tube layouts in SOLIDWORKS - just like our legacy (retired) TubeCAD Pro software.

This tube layout includes orthographic views, block up labels, true bend views, true rotation views, XYZ point chart, and LRA Bender chart.
New in SOLIDWORKS Builder: Turn on TRUE BEND views with any number of preceding and following legs in each view.
Note: True bend views automatically flip over if necessary to allow the preceding leg to point above the table surface.
New in SOLIDWORKS Builder: Turn on TRUE ROTATION views with any number of preceding and following legs in each view.
The rotation views can draw in LEFT-HANDLEFT-HAND BENDER or RIGHT-HAND BENDER mode.
New in SOLIDWORKS Builder: Turn on Blockup Labels for the orthographic views that show the distance from the table to the center of each straight section.
VTube can now use custom SOLIDWORKS drawing templates you design in the tube layout build.
Sample SOLIDWORKS Drawing tube layout files are included.
These files are installed in "C:\Users\Public\Documents\VTube\Demo Files"
A sample SOLIDWORKS drawing template is included.

Links to Previous Versions

See VTube update history for version 4.1

See this document for older updates: VTube v4 Update History.pdf