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How VTube-LASER Corrects Left-Right Benders (Benders with both Left Hand and Right Hand Bend Heads)

This is how VTube-LASER communications currently work for tube benders that change bender hands in the middle of bending:

  1. The initial part shape will show all one hand of the bender during the initial setup.  It does not currently handle switching bender hands in the initial setup.

  2. The operator then changes the rotation setup at the bender to change bender hands in the middle of the program.

  3. When VTube-LASER performs a RECALL for a correction, the transformed rotations from the bend control are inserted and maintained in the blue columns of the VTube Bender Setup. Whatever value is sent from the bender control is properly corrected - even if it is 180 degrees different than the original value.  Using this method, corrections work for an LH/RH bender as long as the rotation direction remains the same for both bender hands.

For some wire benders, the hand direction is controlled by using a negative bend angle.  Positive bend angles refer to one hand. Negative bend angles refer to the other hand.

For most tube benders, the rotation is changed by 180 degrees when switching bender sides.

This is a Han Jie HC-380LRS-NSM Left-Right bender that orbits the bender head to switch bender hands.
This UNISON Left and Right machine slides the carriage between two bend heads.  It is also referred to as a Pinball machine.