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VTube Communications with Pines TS2000-Controlled Benders

About the Pines TS2000 Bender Control

The Pines TS2000 control systems were initially based on the Windows NT platform. They now use the Windows platform.

Legacy TS2000 ControlNewer TS2000 Control System

Company Information

Pines Engineering
29100 Lakeland Blvd.
Wickliffe, OH 44092
Phone: 440-278-7200
Fax: 440-278-7210

About VTube to Pines Bender Communications

The TS2000 Control software allows for communication using the Supravision Network protocol. This is a purchased option for the control (not all TS2000 controls have this option enabled). Communications are straightforward, efficient, and very fast.

The TS2000 Control can also be set up to communicate with the following:

  • HEXAGON, FARO, and Kreon ScanArms that are running our VTube-LASER software
  • Benderlink software for communication between Pines controls and other types of measuring centers

How to Check if Communications with VTube are Possible

Pines sells the Supravision link as an option.

The main window on the legacy TS2000 control contains 16 touchscreen buttons starting with XYZ in the upper left. If the upper-right button reads "Supravision Link," then the option is enabled on that TS2000 control. If the button says "External Link," communications are not activated.

Contact Pines for information on the Supravision protocol setup of the newer TS2000 controls.

What Information Pines Engineering Will Need to Activate the Communications Feature

Pines Engineering will need to send you a setup program to enable communications. They will ask for this information:

  1. Machine Serial Number
  2. Software Version Number

You can find both values in the caption of the TS2000 software. The software version will be a four-digit number like or