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VTube Update History 4.1 - March 10, 2023 - May 15, 2023



Version 4.1 - Build 1254, May 15, 2023

Smarter Installations – VTube Installations Now Check for the Required Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables At Installation

Microsoft VC++ support files are required for VTube. They are usually already installed on Windows computers before VTube is installed. However, we’ve found that some Windows installs don’t have them. So now, all license types of VTube installations check for the existence of the proper VC++ support files.

If the files don’t exist, then the VTube installation program offers to install them. If this message occurs, we recommend installing them to avoid errors in the next step of registering components of VTube with Windows.


Leaner Installations – We Removed HEXAGON and FARO Drivers in the VTube-LASER Installations to Decrease the Installation File Size

The arm drivers are huge files, making the VTube-LASER installation file much larger. Also, since HEXAGON and FARO regularly upgrade their drivers, we’ve decided not to include the driver files inside the installation files.

The latest drivers can always be downloaded from our support site,



Version 4.1 - Build 1248, May 2, 2023

NEW - VTube-STEP Can Now Output the New Supravision Network FTP Protocol

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sends and retrieves files through the Internet to/from FTP servers. FTP is used by non-Windows-based controls to communicate with Windows-based software. We created the “SVNET FTP” protocol to allow VTube to communicate with non-Windows operating systems like Linux, Microware OS-9, VxWorks, and QNX Neutrino.

In this build, VTube-STEP can also handle this new SVNET FTP protocol to send new bender data to controls.

So, it is possible to use Supravision Network communications through FTP with any control that will support it with bot h VTube-LASER and VTube-STEP.




An example of Supravision Network FTP communications is CMP Automation: 

VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER use SVNET FTP to communicate with CMP bender controls for bender setup and corrections. Now this includes VTube-STEP sending bender setup data.

Version 4.1 - Build 1246, May 1, 2023

FIXED VTube-LASER Programmer License User Interface Start Issue

We discovered and fixed a user interface issue that would cause VTube-LASER Programmer 1244 and 1245 to throw repeated errors during VTube-LASER load. This issue had no effect on VTube-LASER and VTube-STEP.  It only occurred in VTube-LASER Programmer licenses.

VTube-LASER Programmer is used as an offline setup program for VTube-LASER. It is identical to VTube-LASER - except it does not connect to measuring centers.




Version 4.1 - Build 1245, April 28, 2023

NEW VTube-LASER DCF SHALLOW BEND HANDLING – Better Predict Shallow Bend Intersection Points Through New Advanced Dual Cylinder Fit Calculations

Measuring shallow bends to find a repeatable intersection points is often a challenge for tube inspection.

VTube-LASER now uses the existence of out-of-tolerance DCF intersection errors combined with shallow bend angles to predict when VTube needs an operator to select the intersection point location using the Shallow Bend measure process. 

This logic is powerful enough to measure a bend even inside straight cylinders without stopping the measure process. This is an example of measuring a bend inside a straight cylinder:


Because the DCF value is out of tolerance and the bend angle is 0, VTube asked the user to select the intersection point and then move to finish the measure. This new feature is switched ON by default.

Version 4.1 - Build 1244, April 27, 2023

NEW VTUBE-LASER QUALIFICATION PASS/FAIL FEATURE - Allows Users to Select Qualification Attributes that Are Used to Show a Single PASS/FAIL Result in the User Interface and Reports

Many customers prefer a clear single PASS/FAIL notification in the user interface for part qualification. The challenge is that each project may need to qualify a part based on unique and different qualification attributes from other projects. This new feature handles this need efficiently.

VTube-LASER allows users to choose qualification attributes to use to a PASS or FAIL a part during inspection.

The effect is that now large GREEN/RED colored squares are displayed in three places in the user interface.  The first is the Inspection Data menu. The second is on the top of the viewport.  The third is inside the turbo operator screen (if you use that screen).

With these new pass/fail indicators, users will now quickly know at a glance if the part passes qualification.

Also, the overall PASS/FAIL flag can also be included in all reports with new HTML tokens.



Version 4.1 - Build 1244, April 27, 2023 - Continued


These are the three new PASS/FAIL icons in the user interface.

The first one is at the top of the Inspection Data menu. The second is on top of the viewport. The third is in the Operator screen.





Version 4.1 - Build 1244, April 27, 2023 - Continued


When any qualification metric is failed, then VTube-LASER changes the squares to RED like this:


Version 4.1 - Build 1244, April 27, 2023 - Continued


The setup for the Qualification Pass/Fail display in the new Pass/Fail Attributes tab menu inside the Inspection Data menu.

Select the attributes that you want to use to qualify each project.

As you switch on or off attributes, the Pass/Fail icon may change color between green and red in realtime to reflect the new qualification state for all the attibutes selected.

The states for these switches are stored in the project file and will be remembered when the project is loaded into VTube-LASER in the future.


VTUBE-LASER QUALIFICATION PASS/FAIL – Controlling the Icon Display Setup 

By default, if there are some attributes selected, then this icon will appear.

If there are are no attributes switched ON in the setup menu, then  this square will disappear.




The icon can be made permantly invisible using a new option in the General Setup menu.

It is VISIBLE by default.


The Qualification Pass/Fail can also be reported using a new HTML token inside the report. The Tube Inspection Report template in this new installation now prints like this:




There are two new HTML tokens for reports.

1 - The Result token shows Passed or Failed.




2 - The Setup token shows all the attributes used to qualify the part.





VTUBE-LASER NEW RECENT FILE LIST Is Added to Turbo Operator Screen Project File Quick Load Window

Customers asked is to add a Recent Files list to the Turbo Operator Screen project load menu. We display it at the top when users are loading a project file type.

Either double click on any recent file, or press the button on the right of the list to load the recent project file.



Issues related to improper font scaling, text placement, and text clipping of PDF reports are fixed in this version.

If your PDF reports appear like we show on the right, then install and test this new build of VTube-STEP or VTube-LASER.



NEW VTUBE-LASER PDF AutoSave File Naming Options in System Options Menu

We’ve added new PDF autosave options that allow administrators to add new values to the automatically-saved files.   The main new value is “PASS” or “FAIL” based on the new Qualificaton Pass/Fail feature setup.




The VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER help files have been updated to show the new user interface and logos.





NEW Enhancements to the Morris Solutions PGM Bender Output

The Morris Solutions team asked us to make more modifications to the PGM file data structure. That change has been completed in this build.

Version 4.1 - Build 1238, April 11, 2023

Intersection Calculation Warnings Are Now Properly Handled During Measuring When Shallow Bend Logic is Enabled

In recent previous versions with the new Shallow Bend logic process turned on, it was possible that the measure logic would bypass the intersection calculation warning which could allow the logic to move into Shallow Bend processing – which is not the correct action to take when an intersection error occurs.

This has been fixed in this version.  VTube will stop the process before starting the Shallow Bend process and display the correct warning on the screen. The warning will probably look like this:



Enhancements to the Morris Solutions PGM Bender Output

VTube-STEP can now edit and output all values in the Morris PGM file.  The Morris Solutions PGM Export menu now has two new buttons that allow for better control of the data before it is saved to the PGM file.

The New Edit PGM File Data Window

This new window is loaded when the user presses the Edit PGM File Data button. It shows all the values inside a PGM file – even the values that VTube does not calculate. 

VTube inserts data that it knows about in this data structure – like the Length (LUNGHEZZA_SEZIONE), Rotation (ROTAZIONE), and Bend Angle (ANGOLO_PIEGA).

All of the values in the fourth column can edited – however, only the values that are preceded by equal signs will be used by the Morris control.

All linear data in the Morris PGM file uses millimeters – so be sure to only use that unit when adjusting distances in this grid.

If you have questions about the meaning of the value names in this grid, then please contact Morris Solutions. We can often give a translation – but only the Morris team can explain the precise effect of each value on the bender motion. For example, we know that the value names that have “Calandratura” or “Calandrato” refer to “Calendering” – which means they are used to control roll forming.  But only the Morris team can explain how to use these values in roll forming.

Configuring DEFAULT Morris PGM Data – In System Options

For data that VTube does not calculate, VTube will insert default values that are entered in the System Options / Benders menu in one of two edit lists. The list on the left contains the defulat values used in the General section of PGM files. The list on the right contains default values used for each Data Step section. (Data Step sections are like bend rows.) There is always one Data Step section per bend, so these values are used for every bend in the intitial PGM file.

The text in both of these editors is stored in global configuration files that will always reload the values into VTube every time it is started.  Any changes you make to the text in these editors will be saved when you exit System Options.



Version 4.1 - Build 1235, April 4, 2023

New Automatic Calculation of Cut Length Option in Part Setup

Some customers prefer that the Cut Length in Part Setup is always synchronized with the combination of the master tube shape data, the springback values, and the tube elongation % value. So, we added a new checkbox switch called “Automatic Calc Cut Length” just below the Cut Length value in the Part Setup that allows for 100% synchronization.


Reorganized End Length Shift Tool Window (Advanced Topic)

We decided to improve the clarity of the End Shift Tool window that can display after a user manually changes the Cut Length in Part Setup. If this feature is enabled, then after a user enters a Cut Length change and presses enter, this window displays:



Relabled the XYZ Cut Length Text in the Master Tube Menus for Clarity

The Cut Length “Auto Calc” switch in the Master XYZ Data menu was relabled to make how it works more clear.  When this switch is true, it only recalculates the Cut Length with changes are made to the data in the XYZ grid.  So, we changed it to “Auto Calc from XYZ Change” to make this clear.

This switch does not have the same effect as the new auto calc switch in Part Setup. 



Recalculate Cut Length For Reverse Calculations From LRA to XYZ and “Auto Calc from XYZ Change” is Active

From this version on, if the Auto Calc from XYZ Change is active, then any manual edit in the LRA bender data grid will also cause the Cut Length to be recalculated automatically. This is necessary because any LRA grid value change also always changes the XYZ centerline point locations.



Version 4.1 - Build 1233, April 3, 2023

Morris Solutions PGM File Output in VTube-STEP

VTube now supports outputting new data to Morris Solutions ’ bender files.






Version 4.1 - Build 1230, March 29, 2023
Improved Shallow Bend Logic During Cylinder Fit Errors

This fix is important if you ever use VTube-LASER with Shallow Bend logic switched ON in Measure Setup/Shallow Bend. 


A customer that uses shallow bend logic regularly discovered that VTube-LASER incorrectly tests for shallow bends even when preceding cylinder fit errors occurred during the measure process. This could start shallow bend measurements when it should have been skipped due to cylinder errors having already occurred. We fixed this problem in this build.





Version 4.1 - Build 1221, March 22, 2023
Added Import Logic to Fix Incorrect Imported Supravision Data

A customer alerted us to the possibility of Eaton Leonard bender controls that could create Supravision files with a mismatch between the XYZ point count and the LRA bend count. This could cause import problems in VTube-STEP.

For example, the XYZ data could have 13 points, and the LRA data only has 4 bends.  This is not a standard data correlation.  The XYZ point count should always equal BENDS + 2, and the LRA bend count should equal POINTS - 2.

When the XYZ point count was greater than BENDS + 2, and a reverse calc from LRA to XYZ was made, VTube-STEP would create several extra points along a line that formed 0-degree bend straights – making a tube shape that is not correct.

VTube-STEP now checks for this possibility during import. As of this build, it will always reset the XYZ point count to BENDS + 2 when importing the LRA data from Surpravision files.




Version 4.1 - Build 1216, March 14, 2023
Changed the RbSA Industrial Flecte Pro Communications Badge for BendPro

We changed the graphics in this badge to use the exact logo setup used by RbSA for Flecte Pro.




Version 4.1 - Build 1214, March 14, 2023
New RbSA Industrial Flecte Pro Communications Badge for BendPro

RbSA Industrial (Sweetwater, TN) now offers Flecte benders with CurrentTech’s BendPro control. We added the new protocol to VTube-LASER for customers that connect to this new bender.






Version 4.1 - Build 1211, March 10, 2023
New SMT Industries Communications Badge for CNC Bender ProControl

We added the SMT Industries CNC Bender ProControl SVNET protocol to VTube-LASER.






New UAC Options for the Turbo Operator Screen to Automatically Start Different Kinds of Scanning

The operator screen would only start UniScan measure process for all projects. Now VTube-LASER can start UniScan or MultiScan for cylindrical tubes, and Corner Profile or UniScan CornerScan for rectangular tubes. The setup for these options is in UAC Controls in System Options.

VTube-LASER examines the Diameter Profile Setup in the Part Setup menu to dermine if the part is cylindrical or rectangular.


The VTube-STEP Demo License for Sales Partners No Longer Requires a USB Key (dongle) to Run

The VTube-STEP demo license is now controlled entirely by connection to our Internet license server.  If you are a sales partner with one of these licenses, you will no longer need to use the USB key to run VTube-STEP.




UAC Control for Space Objects

Who accesses Space Objects can now be controlled by the UAC (User Access Control) setup.  Space Objects are general prismatic objects and dimensions.