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VTube Update History 4.0 - September 14, 2022 - February 10, 2023

Version 4 - Build 1202, February 10, 2023
Added Asian Language Loading Error Protection

With the help of a Chinese distributor, we found and fixed an application error common on some Chinese-language computers. 

In previous versions, VTube would not gracefully handle language loading errors. Now it does.  When a language loading error occurs, VTube will quietly report the error in the Smart Inspect console logging system included with every VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER.


A New Popup Menu Was Added To The Tangents Grids In VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER

The new popup menus allow users to quickly copy and paste the entire Tangent point grids.

For example, use these commands to quickly copy the grids to Excel or Word.





Version 4 - Build 1196, February 7, 2023
New Part Image Sent in the CMP Protocol During Data Transfer

The CMP Automation bender controls now display an image of the part generated by VTube-LASER. The image is sent to the CMP FTP server inside the control for use by the control’s user interface.

The image filename is SVFILENN.PNG, where “NN” is the bender number.

Improved Messages for Bender Communications

The messages for sending data to the bender have been refined to be clearer.  They would read, for example, “Transfer: Send Adjusted.”  Now they show a new message:



Improved Grid Headers in Bender Setup

The orange columns have been relabeled to see “Cor Length”, “Cor Rotation”, and “Cor Angle.”  We did this to make the purpose of the orange columns more clear.  They contain corrected data.



We Added New “EV Code Signing” for VTube Programs

All VTube programs now have Extended Validated Code Signing certification.

EV Code Signing certificates help customers know that the VTube programs are authentic and that Advanced Tubular Technologies, Inc. is still an active business. This certification will allow Windows to bypass warnings when you run our programs.

EV Code Signing applicants undergo rigorous vetting from certificate authorities. The process also requires that we have in our possession a required hardware device called an eToken that must be used to sign files.



Version 4 - Build 1191, February 6, 2023
New Controls Allow for DCP (Diameter Cut Plane) When Scanning Point Clouds

In previous versions, the DCP was only used when in the tube measuring process. It was always ignored when scanning point clouds.

In this build, DCP can now be turned on for Point Cloud scanning.

About DCP: DCP allows users to remove the other nearby surfaces when scanning a part with multiple close straights. The DCP will cut the tails of the laser off internally. The laser points that are not discarded are from the surface nearest the scanner. For example, the DCP can be set to 0.375” to keep only the middle 3/8” of the laser as shown on this part.

The viewport example on the right shows that the tube straight on the table is ignored.

The image shows blue points for when DCP is ignored and orange points for when the DCP is active. (The scanning technique for both scans was the same.)





There are two places where the new Point Cloud DCP control value can be turned on or off.

The first place is in the Measure a Point Cloud window.

This checkbox location allows the user to use or ignore the DCP filter in real-time.




The second place to control this new value is in the Cut Plane Control DCP menu.

Including the value here allows users to make this value active or inactive when setting up project defaults.



Version 4 - Build 1191, February 6, 2023 - Continued

We removed diagnostic messages from UniScan errors when measuring.



Version 4 - Build 1186, February 3, 2023
Fixed a Rare Looping Error for “End A + Straight 1” Measure for the End-Scan Flier Filter

A rare looping error could occur when measuring the first straight with the End-Scan Flier filter active. The result was that VTube-LASER would then try to calculate the first straight multiple times very quickly.

The number of loops were always equal to the number of stripes in memory. So, for example, 25 stripes in memory would produce 25 looping cylinder centerline calculations very quickly. 

We tracked and removed this error. This error never occurred when the flier filter was not active, and never affected the last straight or end B.



Version 4 - Build 1183, February 1, 2023
New Quick Start Buttons Added for UniScan and MultiScan

These new buttons skip the initial setup screen for tube measuring. Using these buttons assumes that the project has already been setup for the proper straight count.  

If the part is new and the straight count is zero, then VTube will automatically change the straight count to the MASTER count before measuring.


Version 4 - Build 1181, January 31, 2023
New Report Tokens added for End Vector Angle Qualifications


New report token ab-anglemaster

This report token shows the value for ab-master. This value is the angle between the two end vectors in the master (nominal) tube shape.



New report token ab-anglemeasured

This report token shows the value for ab-anglemeasured. This value is the angle between the two end vectors in the measured tube shape.



New report token ab-anglemeasuredaligned

This report token shows the value for ab-anglemeasuredaligned. This value is the angle between the two end vectors in the measured aligned tube shape.

New report token ab-angledelta1

This report token shows the value for ab-anglemeasured minus the ab-anglemaster.



New report token ab-angledelta2

This report token shows the value for ab-anglemeasuredaligned minus the ab-anglemaster.



Fix for Mult-Elongation Percentage Grid

The Multi-Elongation Percentage grid is fixed so that elongation percentage data can once again be entered in the Elong column cells.


Fix for Report Template Import During the Installation Process

The previous logic could fail and cause all the report templates to be lost during installation of a new version of VTube. This has been fixed.


New Configuraiton Automatic BACKUP at Install

The installation programs will now automatically  and silently backup the entire VTube configuration folder in systems that already have VTube installed - before the update process starts.

This allows users to recover previous configurations if something goes wrong during the installation.

The default location for VTube configurations is:



The backup folders will always be created in the same VTube folder with a date-time stamped filename clearly marked as a backup folder. An example backup folder is:



The files in this folder can be used by Advanced Tubular technicians to recover your configuration if needed. Contact if you need assistance.


Version 4 - Build 1169, January 30, 2023

Adjustment to AutoBuild PDF Report Events

A change to the filename structure was made.

It will now contain a structure like this: 

“MeasuredAlignedEvent_20230126_23_34_28_part12345678_John Smith.pdf”.




Version 4 - Build 1167, January 27, 2023

New AutoBuild PDF Report Events Added

VTube can now automatically save PDF reports when measured tube data is created or aligned immediately after a tube measure. The setup for these events is in the PDF tab menu in System Options.

The goal is to allow the metrology department to capture PDF data for every data creation event after a measurement. Therefore, the events can only occur after a tube measure. If, for example, the user performs a re-alignment without a remeasure, then these events are ignored.

When the event is triggered, VTube will attempt to save a PDF file to the Save To Path folder using the named report template. Therefore, it is important to have an actual path programmed for when these events are switched on. (For saving PDFs after a project file save, VTube always saves the PDF in the same folder as the VTP file. This is why this one event has no Save To Path field.)

The filename will contain a structure like this: “MeasuredAlignedEvent_20230126_23_34_28_John Smith.pdf”. The “John Smith” part of the name is extracted from the Measured Note field before a measure occurs. If the user enters characters that cannot be used in a filename, then VTube will automatically replace those characters with an underscores.


Version 4 - Build 1160, January 25, 2023

More Changes Were Made to the FTP  (File Transfer Protocol) Communications for CMP Automation

More changes were made to allow the FTP protocol to properly login and communicate with FTP servers in passive mode.

Also, new FTP messages were added to the FTP dialog to help diagnose issues.




Version 4 - Build 1158, January 19, 2023

The FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is Now Passive Mode

The FTP connection is changed from Active to Passive. Most FTP servers now use passive mode, so VTube-LASER now uses passive mode to make a data channel connection.





Version 4 - Build 1156, January 16, 2023


CMP Automation Bender Protocol Added

We have added a new CMP Automation protocol that allows for communication with CMP benders that bend plastic tubes.






Version 4 - Build 1156, January 16, 2023 - Continued


The CMP protocol contains custom values stored in the VTube project file and transferred during communications.

Pressing the Additional Bender Setup button in the Bender Setup window will show this CMP Extended Bender data window:



Performing a SEND to the CMP bender will transfer these values to the bender.

Any changes of these values at the CMP bender will overwrite values in VTube during a RECALL.



Version 4 - Build 1156, January 16, 2023 - Continued 

New FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Capability for Supravision Network

The Supravision network in VTube-LASER can now use the FTP protocol to send and retrieve files from bender controls that use FTP servers for connection.



This feature was designed for PLC-based controls that connect to other processes by importing files through FTP – like the CMP Automation benders.




Version 4 - Build 1139, January 12, 2023

Provision for Constraining Minimum Grid Heights Was Added

It was discovered that, during manual resizing of the user interface, XYZ and LRA grids could shrink to disappear and then cause an endless redraw loop that would lock the user interface until users closed VTube using the Task Manager.

New minimum height constraints were added to be sure that the grids in the STEP Parametric Tube Data, LASER Master Tube Data, and LASER Measured Tube Data menus never disappear when resizing the user interface around them.




Version 4 - Build 1137, January 11, 2023

Fix for Supravision Network RECALL from Bender

An accidental change was made to the Supravision Network protocol that disallowed a RECALL from a bender. The issue is fixed in this build.

If you installed the last couple of builds, use the Supravision Network protocol, and found that RECALL is not working, please update to this build to fix the problem.



User Interface Changes

DCF (Dual Cylinder Fit) Uncertainty Values Display

The Dual Cylinder Fit Uncertainty values are changed to automatically change to the current linear unit when the user changes between inches and millimeters.


References to Bender Data Damping are removed from VTube-LASER

All references to bender data damping are removed from the interface. For example, the report tokens for damped bender data were removed. Also, there Is no longer any reference to damping in the Bender Setup window. We removed this as a concept from VTube-LASER when the Correction Percentage feature was introduced.




Version 4 - Build 1132, January 6, 2023

A new Bender Setup feature called “Correction Percentage Setup” was added for fine-tuning the reduction of full bender corrections sent to benders.

This is the previous Correction Damping menu in Bender Setup:

The Correction Damping menu was replaced with an easier-to-use and more powerful way to reduce corrections going to the bender. The new feature is called Correction Percentage setup. See the blue slider bars in the new menu below.

Users can slide handles in 10% increments to reduce corrections by anywhere from 0 to 100 percent of the corrections suggested by VTube.

Each of the bender axes can be controlled independently.

If the sliders are set to zero, then all adjustments are ignored. If the sliders are set to 100, then all the corrections are sent to the bender.

If any slider is set to less than 100%, then VTube will show a dialog noting that a partial correction will be sent to the bender when the user presses the SEND to bender button. The dialog lets the user stop the SEND to adjust the Correction Percentages if appropriate.

Version 4 - Build 1132, January 6, 2023, continued

All automatic VTube backup project files are now saved in the “VTPAutoBackup“ sub-folder of the current VTube project file being saved.

To keep the project file list clean, the VTube backup files will now be stored in a new sub-folder relative to the current VTube project file storage location.

If the VTP backup folder does not exist during auto backup, then VTube-LASER will automatically create the folder. See an example here:




Version 4 - Build 1103, November 15, 2022

Fixed Supravision Network SEND Problem in Build 1101 (Previous Build)

If you are using Supravision Network protocol to communicate with a bender and have installed Build 1101, then update to this build to fix a path issue during Supravision SEND to the bender.


Version 4 - Build 1101, November 8, 2022

New “DRO Stays OFF by Default” Option

This option was requested by customers that don’t like to see the DRO (Digital Readout) on the screen. It configures VTube-LASER so that the DRO does not automatically display by default when connecting to an arm. The checkbox option is in the System Options / UI menu. This option is global – which means it applies to all projects.




Version 4 - Build 1099, November 8, 2022

Space Object Dynamic Tube Link for Linear Dimension Using the Aligned Tube Fixed

Previous versions of VTube-LASER would use incorrect centerline data when referencing points for linear dimensions from the ALIGNED model. This has been fixed.









The DCP filter (Diameter Cut Plane) is no longer used for generic Point Cloud scanning, even if DCP is set to active.

The DCP filter is now only used for scanning tube shapes during regular tube scanning. It Is no longer used during point cloud scanning because the objective of point cloud scanning is to collect all the data the scanner camera sees.

Note that the regular CUT PLANE is still used when active for point cloud scanning. 




Version 4 - Build 1097, November 8, 2022

Shallow Bend Sound Files Added To Installation

New shallow bend sound files are now included with the installation.


Point Count and Straight Mismatch Warning Removed

The point-count-to-straight-count-mismatch dialog is removed when starting the measuring process for when the points count is zero.

This situation will always indicate a reverse-engineering process, so there is no need for the warning dialog to display in that case.





Version 4 - Build 1088, October 24, 2022

PassFail Reports Fixed

The Pass/Fail report sometimes reported a failure when the inspection passed. This was from a logic problem inside the End Lengths check. This has been fixed in this build.






Version 4 - Build 1086, October 22, 2022

VTube-LASER DRO User Interface Change

The DRO (Digital Readout) user interface has been adjusted to clear up potential confusion about what label is attached to a value.

This was the user interface design in previous versions:

The problem with this design is that users may think that the diameter is 39.6 (rather than 1.25). We moved the labels to solve this problem.

This is the new design:


Version 4 - Build 1083, October 21, 2022

VTube-STEP Import Fix – Surface Type Added to Autobuild Parametrics

We discovered an issue with handling a specific surface type in VTube-STEP during AutoBuild Parametrics.   VTube-STEP was ignoring the surface entity when it should not have. This has been fixed.


Version 4 - Build 1079, October 20, 2022 – Part 2

2 – VTube-STEP Import Was Improved for Surfaces with Low Triangle Count

We improved VTube’s ability to import surfaces with very low triangle counts. For example, this straight in this model could not be imported in previous versions – but now it can.





Version 4 - Build 1079, October 20, 2022

 1 – New Report Tokens Were Added for Absolute Bender Data

New value token: array_length_measured_conrac_drawbend

New value token: array_rotation_measured_conrac

New value token: Array_RotationDirection_Measured

New iterate section token: LRACONRAC_Measured

A customer asked us to allow for the absolute bender data format to be output with the MEASURED data in VTube-LASER. We added report tokens that enable this.




Version 4 - Build 1072, October 13, 2022 - Continued

3 – A Shallow Bend Issue Was Fixed

The shallow bend process would allow a trigger scan of zero points when the laser was active. This caused the condition you see in the window on the right.

VTube-LASER no longer responds to the trigger pull when no laser data is present in Shallow Bend scanning.


Version 4 - Build 1072, October 13, 2022 - Continued

2 – End Trim Profile Calculations Are Now Available Inside the Inspection Menu

This feature was added so users can view the last calculation for End Trim Profiles without starting the ETP measure process. This is in a new End Trim tab menu in the Data tab menu.

Visualization Points and planes from the End Trim Profile measurements can also be drawn from tis menu.



Version 4 - Build 1072, October 13, 2022

1 – End Trim Profile Calculations Now Include GD&T Max Surface Profile Data

In addition to PERPENDICULARITY, we added the MAX SURFACE PROFILE values to the report for End Trim Profiles. So, now VTube-LASER gives both the perpendicularity and the surface profile to the tube surface as the datum.


  1. The orange points represent the maximum diameter surfaces in the scan.
  2. The green points represent the perpendicularity points selected for the end trims.
  3. The blue-green points represent a visualization of the perpendicularity snapped to the centerline.

Any End Trim cloud can be rescanned anytime without starting over. This allows for quick adjustment of the scans.

Version 4 - Build 1066, October 11, 2022

VTube-STEP Cylinder Import Logic Accuracy Improvement

This is an important update for VTube-STEP because it uses new logic to significantly improve the accuracy of cylinder centerline calculations. This new logic especially improves the accuracy of calculations for highly complex tube models.

A good example is the tube shown below. This model has complex curved holes cut into the opposite side of the straight 1 (not shown).

This image is a cylinder fit from the previous version’s centerline import result. Note where the white parametric cylinder is placed relative to the imported blue surface.

Compare the cylinder fit above to the new fit in this version below. Users tell us that the cylinder centerline fit is now accurate in these complex models to 0.0001” or 2.54 microns.



Version 4 - Build 1065, October 11, 2022

1 – More End Trim Profile Enhancements

We added more End Trim Profile enhancements, including a fix to 1064, where the Stop button was still not working correctly. That was fixed.
 The enhancements also include further refinements to the endpoint plotting algorithms. If a point is not found during an End Trim Profile measure because the Flier Filter removed it, VTube will no longer attempt to plot the point in the viewport.




2 – Messages to Toggle Laser to Probe Fixed

We fixed some unnecessary toggle laser messages displayed in VTube-LASER entered UniScan or MultiScan mode.




Version 4 - Build 1064, October 8, 2022

1 –End Trim Profile STOP Measure Button Action Fix

We found and fixed an issue where the End Trim Profile process could not be stopped manually by pressing the Stop Measure button.



Alternatively, you can also press the red close button will now stop the process




Version 4 - Build 1063, October 7, 2022

1 – Inspection Data Menu Now Displays End Trim Profile Measurement Values

The End Trim Profile measure values are now always displayed in the Inspection Data menu. This allows users to view the data without connecting to an arm to measure the End Trim like was required before this build.








2 – Shallow Bend Measure Window SKIP Button

We added the SKIP button to the bottom of the Shallow Bend measure window. This lets users skip measuring the shallow bend and continue the measure process.


3 – Shallow Bend Measure Logic Fix

The Shallow Bend measure logic will now clear the Shallow Bend window if the parent process that called it is stopped or restarted.



Version 4 - Build 1062, October 7, 2022

1 - End Trim Profile Measure Enhancement

The End Trim Profile measure can now calculate the end trim relative to the Measured, Measured-Aligned, or Master tube. In previous versions, it could only calculate relative to the last Measured tube.

2 – Shallow Bend Measure Logic Fix for MultiScan

A bug was found when switching from UniScan to MultiScan in the Shallow Bend measure logic. This has been fixed.





Version 4 - Build 1060, October 5, 2022

End Trim Profile Measure Enhancements

The DIAMETER CUT PLANE is no longer used for this measure. The DCP trims the laser tails when active. It is not useful for end scans – so it is ignored even if it is switched on during this measure.

Also, we enhanced the user interface by adding icons next to Copy/Create buttons.



Version 4 - Build 1059, October 4, 2022

Major Enhancement to End Trim Profile Scan Measure Process

VTube-LASER version 4 now has an improved End Trim Profile measure process that easily calculates GD&T Perpendicularity using either the ball probe or laser scanner. We enhanced the underlying logic to ensure solid and repeatable results when scanning.





We completely redesigned the measure window interface to give the user a better view of the critical data for end trims. The process can take from 1 to 8 points around the perimeter of the end and use the End Scan Flier filter during scanning to accurately give perpendicularity and planar angle measurements. Plus, the End Trim Profile measure process can now also do the following:

  1. It can create Space Object PLANES at the ends of the measured tube.
  2. It can trim the measured ends to the centroid of all the points – which allows you to find the true center of a miter-cut end.
  3. It can show you the points in the viewport VTube-LASER selects as the representative points for calculating the perpendicularity.
  4. It can export the points selected to the Point Cloud Control for use in other measurements.

Version 4 - Build 1052, September 30, 2022

Verification Test for Kreon ScanArm

VTube-LASER version 4 was tested and verified with a Kreon ACE arm with a Skyline scanner.

During the tests, we discovered that the IJK vector values were not propagated through the system from the Kreon connection – which could cause problems for Space Object and Cut Plane creation. The issue was resolved in this build, and now the arm works perfectly.

Because of the laser CUT PLANE and LEAPFROG capabilities, users no longer need to use probes on the Kreon ScanArms.

We are happy to report that the user-friendliness of this arm, along with its high scanning quality, make this system an excellent choice.



Version 4 - Build 1050, September 29, 2022

New View Rotation Buttons and Shortcuts Added

The ability to quickly roll the viewport clockwise and counter-clockwise is very helpful for selecting and removing points in clouds used for making space objects.




The roll left/right buttons can also be used with Alt+Left or Alt+Right keys for quickly repeating the rotation. 


The two-arrow button on the far right is the Orbit Invert button, which can invert the viewport vector – which allows you to see the tube from the other side.




Version 4 - Build 1048, September 28, 2022

Accept Button Timer Issue Fixed – The timer value could be set to 0 milliseconds – which turns OFF the timer entirely. The new minimum timer value is 1 millisecond.







The Springback Table was Improved – The new Springback table allows for better control of incoming data.

This is the original table: 






This is the new table: 









Version 4 - Build 1047, September 23, 2022

Timer Issue Fixed – A timer issue that would cause error messages at shutdown was fixed in this revision. These are the type of messages that would could display.








Much Faster Shutdown – A positive side-effect of the change is that both VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER now shut down much faster than previous versions.




Version 4 - Build 1045, September 21, 2022

Path Manager Change: Press the Enter Key – VTube now allows users to select the path in the Path Manager and press the enter key to press the “Use the path selected” button.


Path Manager Change: Video Help – VTube now includes a video help button that loads a video to show how the Path Manager works.






Version 4 - Build 1044, September 20, 2022

  • Revopoint POP 2 OBJ Cloud File Import Added – We added the capability of importing point clouds from Revopoint POP 2 hand scanners. The new feature is in the Point Cloud Manager, File tab.  



Version 4 - Build 1043, September 20, 2022


Version 4 - Initial Release of Version 4 – Build 1040, September 14, 2022