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VTube Bender Project Control (BPC)

What is Bender Project Control (BPC)?

The BPC feature is designed to allow projects to be controlled by reference to a network of benders. The goal is to allow bender operators to associate a VTube project file with any bender and then quickly switch to that project by pressing one of several buttons in the pallet of bender channel buttons.

To allow a project to be controlled using BPC, load a VTube-LASER project using the Load Project button.

Then, click on the Bender Project Control button in the toolbar:

Next, click on any bender channel number to associate with a VTube-LASER project.

Press the button on the left to associate the project with channel 1, then press Open.

The project will load and the toolbar changes like this:

As you use Bender Project Control, it stores the models in the buttons like this:

Over time, the images and setup for Bender Project Control will build up like this:

To change the project, just click on the appropriate channel button:

Press the Open button:

And the new project loads immediately:

If the previous project needs saving, then VTube will ask you to save it before switching to VTube Bender Channels.

About the Difference Between Bender Channels and Bender Numbers

VTube uses a "bender channel" and "bender number" to mean two different ideas.

  1. BENDER CHANNEL: A Bender Channel is a VTube communication channel that can be configured to connect to any bender in the network. Multiple channels can even be connected to a single bender.

  2. BENDER NUMBER: A Bender Number is used exclusively for the number used at the bender in a network of benders.


This window shows the Bender channel buttons with channel numbers.  Each channel button shows the...

How Bender Project Control works with the BENDER SETUP WINDOW (for communications to benders)

This window is used for automatic bender corrections. It shows both the VTube bender channel number and its associated bender number at the bender. The channel paradigm allows for added flexibility in setting up your bender network.

For example, VTube bender channels 1 through 3 can be connected to the same bender - as shown in the image:

Or VTube could be programmed to connect each channel to one bender. The choice is yours.

BPC WINDOW Rules Used by VTube When Changing Bender Channels

BENDER SETUP WINDOW Rules Used by VTube for When a User In VTube Bender Channel