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VTube Update History 4.2 - October, 2023

Version 4.2.1333, October 23, 2023 - Bender Project Control Added to Operator Screen

Change 1: The Bender Project Control feature is now added to the operator screen. This allows users to change projects by Bender Project Control CHANNELS quickly.  Channels are communication channels that can be attached to any bender and project file.  So, in the example shown here, Channel 2 is connected to Bender 5 - a Transfluid bender.

The Bender Project Control Channel button can be turned on or off at any time in the UAC section of System Options:

Change 2: We added the VTube Help Videos option to the File / Help dropdown menus in both VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER.

New videos were added to the installation file - so now you can view selected tutorial videos any time from inside VTube.

Version 4.2.1332, October 20, 2023 - FARO Automatic Arm as a Mouse Control

The FARO Automatic Arm As A Mouse boolean value is changed from a project-level variable to a persistent Global-level variable. This change allows the value to remain the same for all projects, regardless of how it was set in the past projects.

OLDER Versions:

NEW Versions:

Version 4.2.1331, October 19, 2023 - Keyless License - Weekly Checkin

A new version of VTube-STEP allows for keyless licenses with a weekly check-in to the license server. If the VTube-STEP computer is not online for more than 4 days, then VTube-STEP will ask you to connect to the internet when starting VTube-STEP in the next three days.

Version 4.2.1328, October 13, 2023 - SOLIDWORKS Blockup Label Fix

Previous versions would not calculate blockup labels in SOLIDWORKS drawings if the linear units were millimeters. This has been fixed in this version.

Version 4.2.1327, October 12, 2023 - Bender Project Control UI Updates

User interface adjustments to the Bender Project Control were added to help users.

Version 4.2.1325, October 11, 2023 - New Bender Channels Paradigm

  1. The term "bender number" was previously used in multiple ways, creating unhelpful ambiguities in the VTube interface.
  2. To fix this problem, VTube uses a "bender channel" and "bender number" to mean two different ideas.
  3. A bender number is now used exclusively for the number used at the bender in a network of benders.
  4. A bender channel is now used as a VTube communication channel that can connect to any bender in the network.
  5. The change allows multiple VTube bender channels to refer to the same bender number.


This window now shows the Bender channel buttons with channel numbers.  Each channel button shows part numbersbender numbers, and bender names to which the button is connected.

BENDER SETUP WINDOW (for communications to benders)

This window now shows both the VTube bender channel number and its associated bender number at the bender. Note that multiple channels can connect to the same bender in the network.

These are new rules for changing VTube bender channels:

Other Changes

  1. Two new report templates have been added: Bender Correction Only - Absolute and Bender Correction Only -  Incremental.
    This separates the two data styles to save possible confusion for users.  The Absolute correction style is rare and only for Conrac-style benders.

  2. We fixed the FARO Scanner Setup button to enable after VTube connects to the FARO arm.
  3. The Transfluid SVNET protocol is unidirectional. It can not answer VTube-LASER recalls. VTube now sets all the RECALL buttons in Bender Setup to disabled for that protocol.

Version 4.2.1324, October 6, 2023 

The VTube-LASER Transfluid SVNET protocol is enhanced to work seamlessly with the Transfluid tBend user interface.  

This allows for correcting the bender without clearing the tool data.

We changed the Space Object planes and circles terminology to show "total deviation" as GD&T flatness.

  • This change is made in the user interface and in reports.

Version 4.2.1319, October 2, 2023 

New Morris Solutions PGM fixes and enhancements

Morris Solutions helped us correct conversion errors when sending data to the Morris PGM files.
These fields are now correctly filled in during export based on the Morris specification:
  1. PASSI_TOT means "Total Steps." This value is now updated with the VTube LRA row count.

  2. FATTORE_K is the tube elongation K factor. This value is now converted properly as the inverse of our tube elongation percentage. (FATTORE_K = 100 - Tube Elongation %)

  3. OFFSET_ANGOLO is the Offset Angle. It is the same as the VTube Fixed Springback value.

New Morris Solutions Password Protection for PGM default setup in System Options

  • If the password configuration is configured, VTube will ask the user to enter a password before the PGM Defaults can be edited.

  • Contact or Morris Solutions at for information on how to setup the password.

New report template tokens that calculate the elongation percentage for reporting

See the new Tube Lengths report template in the default setup demonstrating these new tokens.
    <td class="td_spec_name">Calculated Elongation Percentage (Master-Measured):</td>
    <td class="td_spec_value"><vtube_val>calctubeelongationpercentage_masterlength_measuredlength</vtube_val></td>
    <td class="td_spec_value">Calculated from Master Length minus Measured Length</td>
    <td class="td_spec_name">Calculated Elongation Percentage (Cut-Measured):</td>
    <td class="td_spec_value"><vtube_val>calctubeelongationpercentage_cutlength_measuredlength</vtube_val></td>
    <td class="td_spec_value">Calculated from Cut Length minus Measured Length</td>