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RS-232 Communications Adapters

Many USB to serial adapters have incomplete or incorrect RS-232 implementations. There are many that we have tested and have found to be defective.

The Keyspan (below) is the only USB to RS-232 device we recommend for adding single serial ports to your computer.

MOXA makes devices that are usually very good. The multi-port unit is shown below.

Tripp-Lite Keyspan - USB to Serial Port Adapter

The brand that we know works well is the Tripp-Lite Keyspan.
 We've fully tested this device in a variety of situations and have found that it handles all the important RS-232 lines.

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MOXA UPORT - USB to Multiple Serial Ports Adapter

In the MOXA Uport line, you can purchase units that go up to 16 ports through a single USB port.

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