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VTube-LASER Wobble Deviation for Cylinders

VTube-LASER wobble is a statistical prediction by the math engine regarding how confident it is for the cylinder centerline calculation from the surface points. As the value grows, the math engine becomes less sure of the accuracy of the centerline it calculated.

We coined the term “wobble” to help VTube-LASER end users visualize what it means in the real world. For example, a wobble of 0.010” means that the math engine is confident of the calculated centerline that wobbles no more than 0.010” in its endpoints.

Mathematically, it is a statistical prediction of how well the math engine believes the surface points should converge into a single centerline. For longer straights, the wobble value should be much lower than for shorter straights. (We define "short straights" as straights that are typically 2 inches or less in length.)

If you get consistently low cylindricity values, then wobble deviations are less of a concern.  However, if cylindricity varies a lot, then the centerline is truly wobbling in calculation - and the wobble deviation will also probably be higher.