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Supravision Software and File Format

About Supravision Software (Retired)

The original DOS Supravision program main menu (circa 1980s and '90s):



The original Windows Supravision main menu (circa late 1990s):



Homer Eaton and Foad Rekabi of ROMER designed Supravision in the 1980s. It originally began as a DOS program and then was migrated to Windows. When it was redesigned for Windows, Foad decided to keep the DOS SV look and feel in the Windows version.
In 2011, ROMER CIMCORE - A division of Hexagon Metrology, began replacing Supravision with DOCS software.


About the Supravision File Format

The Supravision file format was designed to store the Supravision project setup for any single part.

This is an example of a Supravision file in an editor.

Regular Supravision files end with the filename extension of $$$.

VTube Supravision Compatibility

All versions of VTube can import and export the Supravision file format since it is still commonly used in the tube fabrication industry.