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VTube-LASER Leapfrog

VTube-LASER Leapfrog

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Leapfrog the Arm Over the Tube

  • VTube-LASER can leapfrog the arm in the middle of any measurement. To accurately leapfrog the arm, it is necessary to pause the regular measurement, and measure 3 points in space using the ball probe or laser before and after the leap. Then, after the leap, the arm measures the same points in the same order.

  • Any number leaps can be combined to measure any distance.

Start a Leapfrog Measurement

Press the Move button in the guide box at any time during a measurement.

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The Steps for Leapfrog

Orangecircle number1.png Place the 3 targets or the leapfrog plate as far from the arm as possible in the direction you want to leap.

Orangecircle number2.png Press "Leapfrog the Arm" button in the guide window on the left.

Orangecircle number3.png Measure the targets with the ball probe or laser scanner if using the spheres. If using the ball probe, press the green button (FARO) or red button (HEXAGON) to measure each target.

Orangecircle number4.png Press the red button (FARO) or black button (HEXAGON) to finish the initial measure.

Orangecircle number5.png Without moving the targets, the plate or the tube, leap the arm to a new position.

Orangecircle number6.png Measure the targets with the ball probe or laser in the same order as the first measurement.

Orangecircle number7.png Press the acquisition button to finish the measure.

Orangecircle number8.png The leap is complete. Continue measuring where you left off before.

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Leapfrog Kit - Magnetic or Plate

This is the magnetic leapfrog kit that we offer on our store. Each magnet has a conical seat attached to a magnet that can be placed anywhere for leapfrogging

Vtl-leapfrog targets in case.png

These are the leapfrog plates that we offer on our store. The plates have three numbered conical seats or spheres. With the conical seats the ball probe needs to be used and with the spheres, the laser can be used. Vtl-leapfrog plate.png

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