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Question and Answer - Why Not Leave the Shallow Bends Feature On in VTube-LASER?

  1. By default, the shallow bend process is OFF because it is an unexpected workflow for customers who are used to using older versions of VTube-LASER.

  2. We let customers choose if they want an active shallow bend process because the angle where it becomes useful depends on variables that are unique to each customer.

  3. The best value for each customer depends on the anticipated accuracy of the process - which depends on the combined accuracy of the system and the material being measured.  The typical range is from 5 to 10 degrees.

  4. Test the angle for your application by finding where VTube-LASER varies more in intersection point placement than the user visually marking the spot with the shallow bend process.  Bend a part with a shallow bend, reverse-engineer it, measure it again, then compare the intersection point repeatability to the previous measure.  Then, repeat the shallow bend process to determine which is better.

Use this page to turn the feature on for all new projects: