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VTube SVNET Server (Supravision Network Server)

VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER can listen for requests from bender controls and send data automatically. This allows users to walk to the bender and press a REQUEST button after entering a part number in the bender control, and VTube will answer with bender data through the network. 

This feature was added in version 4.3 build 1461, released on February 18, 2024.

How to Setup the VTube SVNET Server

Navigate to System Options > Benders > SVNET Server. These are the four menus inside this menu.

Menu 1 - Listen to Benders

You can tell the server to start listening to Bender commands in this menu. When you activate the Listen to Bender checkbox, VTube immediately checks the path. If the path is good, then you will see a green LED. If the path is unavailable or invalid, VTube deactivates the checkbox and turns the LED red. 

The Bender Channel setup's names, paths, and bender numbers are controlled inside the Benderlink window (not in this grid).  If necessary, edit the Benderlink setup inside that command from the All Benders tab.

Menu 2 - Project Paths

Enter multiple paths you want VTube to search for matching file names in this editor.

How VTube Handles Invalid Paths

If you enter an invalid path (or a path becomes invalid), VTube will insert [***SKIP-PATH - Invalid***] at the start of the path name.

If VTube finds a "[" bracket symbol in the path name, it will skip searching this project path.

If a project path line is empty, it will be skipped without an error.

Menu 3 - Activity Log

This log shows timestamped diagnostic messages that will help you diagnose any problems that may occur.

Menu 4 - General Parameters

This menu lets you configure the Poll Interval and the match criteria.

For match criteria, you can choose to search for "contains" match or "exact" match.

Overall Principles for How SVNET Server Works

Other Detailed Principles for How SVNET Server Works


"Contains" Versus "Exact" Match

If the match criterion is set up for "contains," then a request of 123, 456, 12345, 1234, or 78 may also return 12345678.vtp. So, the more data you type at the bender, the higher your chance of getting the correct file from VTube.

Special Rule 1 for Match - EMPTY PART NUMBER from BENDER

If a bender requests an empty part number, VTube will automatically return the part in memory. 


The same rules apply when the bender requests the same part number that is already in VTube's memory.

Remember that if the match criterion is "contains, " even a partial match is considered a match.  For example, if Big Orange Part.VTP is loaded into VTube's memory, and then "Big" and "B" match and VTube returns the part in memory.


Finally, if a bender requests a part that does not exist, VTube will put a banner on the screen that says "not answering." Then, it will skip the answer.

Benders sometimes timeout if they don't receive an answer within a timeout period.

How to Use the VTube SVNET Bender Client to Test the Connection

These steps assume that the SVNET Server is already running.

You can use the VTube SVNET Bender Client program to test the connection. The client simulates the bender side of the connection. This program can be found in the VTube program folder - like "C:\Program Files (x86)\VTubevvvvvvv\VTubeSVNETBenderClient."  (It is included with version 4.3 build 1461 or newer.)  The bender client filename is VTubeSVNETBenderClient.exe.


The word "client" is a metaphor for the side of the connection that asks for things from the other side.  The other side is referred to as the "server."  In this case, VTube becomes the server because it answers client requests from the bender.

Network Path

Enter the network path from the bender's perspective in the Network Path field. Enter the bender NUMBER.  The number of the bender must agree with the bender number used in the SVNET Server on the VTube side, or the connection will not work.

Bender Number

The Supravision Network protocol uses bender numbers to identify which bender requests data.  In this test, we chose Bender 1.  In the VTube Benderlink setup menu (System Options > Benders > All Benders > Benderlink button), bender communications must have already been set up to allow this work.

Part Number

Enter a Part Number for VTube to search for. The search will be for a VTube project name that matches the Part Number.

Request Data

Press Request Data for the client to drop a file containing the Part Number in the network path.  If the VTube server is watching this bender, and the bender number matches what VTube expects at this path, then VTube will search for any VTube project file that matches the part number.

Windows Delays for the Server Path and File Search

The time required for VTube to answer will depend on the number of VTube files in the project folders that VTube is searching and how far into the list the filename is. VTube will run the search for extended lists of parts and not lock up the operation of other commands.

However, if Windows delays opening a network path or a project path, then VTube may pause all operations until Windows releases the operation.  Use only valid paths, or VTube may pause during a Windows network connection problem.