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VTube Update History 4.3 - March 2024

Version 4.3.1514, March 27, 2024

VTube now handles undo without an error when the VTube computer has been running for more than 49.7 days.

Version 4.3.1512, March 23, 2024

1 - We added a new CRIPPA bend angle communication to allow individual bends to be corrected while still in the bender.

2 - Assembly can now break out the individual bends in a project to allow users to measure single bends in a multi bend part.

3 - Fixed importing STEP and IGES files: Filename is used to create Part Number.

4 - The math engine window has been improved to include messages that free up the bottom status bar during VTube-STEP calculation.

Version 4.3.1505, March 16, 2024

Many Viewport Updates Were Added - Change Roll Increment, New Viewport Orientation Control, New Hidden Line Mode

1 - View orbit roll angle increment controls are added to the bottom of the viewports in VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER. The increments allow for faster rolling of the view at any angle.

2 - The viewport orientation control was completely redesigned to allow for quick selection of many more views based on orthographic descriptive geometry principles.  The green ball button in the middle is the XY plane button. All view buttons are connected with lines to other view buttons that show the projection relationship of each orientation to other orientations. (The logic uses third-angle projection.)

3 - A new Hidden Line display is now available in VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER. The new mode shows a silhouette of the part with hidden lines removed. It can be toggled with Ctrl-H. It is also available in the STEP and LASER viewport pop-up menus.

4 - When the Hidden Line mode is active in the LASER viewport, the LASER guide viewport will also use that mode.

5 - When the Hidden Line mode is active in the LASER viewport, the Operator Screen viewport will also use that mode.

6 - The model Transparency toggle was added to the viewport popup menus.  (Ctrl-T can also control it.)

7 - An undo state is stored when hidden line, transparency, perspective, unbend-only, and wire-frame modes are toggled. 

8 - The hidden line mode is stored in the VTube project file. The project file structure was updated to include the new switch. If you update multiple licenses of VTube, then you will want to update them all at the same time to keep them all file-compatible.

Version 4.3.1494, March 14, 2024

Updated the Overbend Calculator with the new Springback logic used elsewhere in VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER

1 - The Overbend calculator has new/improved logic that can handle two bend angles that are nearly the same in the calculator.  This matches the logic in the new springback workflow in the Measured Tube menu and Bender Setup.

2 - The Bend Angle Transfer and Radius Transfer windows have updated user interfaces.

Version 4.3.1493, March 14, 2024

Fixed Dual Cylinder Fit Error when skipping end measurements.

The Dual Cylinder Fit check is no longer calculated for endpoints when end scans are skipped in measurements. (Previous versions of VTube-LASER could return an incorrect DCF failure in this state.)

Version 4.3.1491, March 12, 2024

1 - The new UniScan Diameter Slice method allows users to measure zero-length tube straights.

2 - The new Flange Body Builder allows users to measure and create an assembly of flanges with or without bolt holes at the ends of tubes and pipes.

3 - When building a report, the report engine will no longer automatically resize the image of a single tube on the screen. This requested feature allows the user to zoom into any view for reporting.

Version 4.3.1485, March 9, 2024

A fix for IGES import was added.

1 - In rare cases, surface data could not be selected after IGES model import. This has been fixed in this build.

Unnecessary diagnostic spheres where removed from space objects.

2 - We removed diagnostic spheres from tesselated surfaces in space objects.

Version 4.3.1478, March 6, 2024

The measuring device LED has now been added to the Operator Screen. The LED can be used to start the connection to the measuring device.

Version 4.3.1476, March 1, 2024

1 - An access violation issue was fixed when loading the Radius Table from System Options.