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VTube Update History 4.3 - May 2024

Version 4.3 Build 1584 - May 31, 2024

1 - New CLOCKING ANGLES between BEND PLANES and SPACE OBJECT CIRCLES are now automatically generated when a circle is linked to any straight in the tube.


2 - A new UniScan PROBE CENTERLINE mode allows a tube centerline to be drawn in space between tube cylinders and circle slices - allowing end straight vectors to be locked for squareness to connecting end ports.



4 - The VTube-STEP Constructed Feature navigation button now changes to the down state when the Constructed Feature menu is displayed.


5 - A new Hole Tutorial STEP model is included with the installation program.

Version 4.3 Build 1582 - May 28, 2024

1 - VTube-STEP can now import square and rectangular tubes with no corner fillets by allowing users to select the diagonal profile corners to find an average centerline that runs in the center of the part.

2 - VTube-STEP can output an extensive hold clocking XML file for use in bender controls.

3 - VTube-STEP can output hole clocking in a Supravision Network file for use by bender controls.

Version 4.3 Build 1574 - May 13, 2024

1 - The Z value direction for the Metronor system has been corrected so that +Z is moving toward the camera from the measured piece.

2 - Metrics for VTube-STEP Drill Bit Bosses can now be reported.

  1. Boss Diameter
  2. Distance to End A
  3. Angle From Previous Bend
  4. Angle From Next Bend

3 - New tokens for Drill Bit Boss report templates

  1. <vtube_iterate section=DRILLBITBOSS>
  2. <vtube_val>array_DrillBitBoss_Diameter</vtube_val>
  3. <vtube_val>array_DrillBitBoss_Distance_ToEndA</vtube_val>
  4. <vtube_val>array_DrillBitBoss_AngleToPreviousBendPlane</vtube_val>
  5. <vtube_val>array_DrillBitBoss_AngleToNextBendPlane</vtube_val>
  6. The already existing array_Index value always refers to the drill bit boss STRAIGHT number (rather than a simple row number).

4 - Sample HTML Template for Drill Bit Boss Reporting

<title><vtube_val>Drill Bit Boss Report</vtube_val></title>
<LINK REL="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" HREF="<vtube_val>vtube_css_file</vtube_val>">

<body class="indent" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000" olink="red" title="">

<!-- Overall table for centering -->

<img src="<vtube_val>vtube_logo_image_filename</vtube_val>"><br>
<img src="<vtube_val>viewport_image</vtube_val>" width=600><br>

<td class="td_left">

<font class="title">Part Setup</font><br><br>
<table class="table_specs">

    <td class="td_spec_name">Date:</td>
    <td class="td_spec_value"><vtube_val>DATE</vtube_val></td>

    <td class="td_spec_name">Part Number:</td>
    <td class="td_spec_value"><vtube_val>PARTNUMBER</vtube_val></td>

    <td class="td_spec_name">Unit:</td>
    <td class="td_spec_value"><vtube_val>UNIT</vtube_val></td>



<td  class="td_right">

<font class="title">Drill Bit Boss Data</font>

    <th class="th_xyz_index">Straight</th>
    <th class="th_xyz">Diameter</th>
    <th class="th_xyz">Dis to End A</th>
    <th class="th_xyz">Prev Bend</th>
    <th class="th_xyz">Next Bend</th>

<vtube_iterate section=DRILLBITBOSS>

    <td class="td_index"><vtube_val>Array_INDEX</vtube_val></td>
    <td class="td_xyz"><vtube_val>array_DrillBitBoss_Diameter</vtube_val></td>
    <td class="td_xyz"><vtube_val>array_DrillBitBoss_Distance_ToEndA</vtube_val></td>
    <td class="td_xyz"><vtube_val>array_DrillBitBoss_AngleToPreviousBendPlane</vtube_val></td>
    <td class="td_xyz"><vtube_val>array_DrillBitBoss_AngleToNextBendPlane</vtube_val></td>



<!-- End of overall table for centering -->


Version 4.3 Build 1571 - May 8, 2024

We added low-to-high span value in the Radius Average Calculator UI.

Version 4.3 Build 1570 - May 8, 2024

A new Lowest to Highest, two radius average is added to the Radius Average Calculator.

This allows users to choose which type of radius averaging to use in the calculated centerline radius.

Version 4.3 Build 1567 - May 7, 2024

1 - Bend Profile can now measure the Outside Only radius to calculate the centerline radius.

It is the new fourth option for measuring radii.

2 - The "Auto copy Calculated Centerline Radius to Measured tube..." checkbox is moved below the Calculated Centerline Radius field.

3 - Any change to the radius value in the Bend Profile radius edit box will now be copied to the appropriate measured tube radius grid cell if the "Auto copy Calculated Centerline Radius to Measured tube..." checkbox is checked.

4 - VTube can now average several measured radii to better handle shallow bends in the Bend Profile measure window.

The radius averaging feature was added to help measure the radius values of shallow bends.