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VTube Update History 4.3 - June 2024

Version 4.3 Build 1613 - June 28, 2024

1 - The VTube-LASER Part Setup menu can now be reordered, and unused values can be hidden from the user.

A new edit button is added to the upper right corner of the LASER Part Setup menu to enter the grid menu control window. (This feature is unavailable in the VTube-STEP part setup menu.)

2 - We added two new report tokens, "array_xyz_int_outtol" and "array_xyz_int_tol," which report the tolerance and out-of-tolerance values for the 3D true position xyz intersection point locations.

3 - We added a new report template named "XYZ Intersection Qualification.html" that shows intersection deviations, tolerances, and out-of-tolerance values. The template shows the true position values added in report tokens (see above).

4 - The Export to COMCO CSV button in VTube-STEP is fixed to load the COMCO export window.

Version 4.3 Build 1609 - June 19, 2024

1 - We now allow users to toggle ON/OFF the End Scan Flier Filter for either end inside the End Scan Quality window while scanning the tube.

The toggle buttons update the text so that the ON or OFF state is always the opposite of the current state. So, for example, if the End A end scan flier filter is OFF, then the button will say "Toggle ON."

2 - The End Scan Quality window can now be displayed at any time in the Feedback tab menu.  This allows for quick configuration of the end scan flier filter states.

3 - Report deviations can now be printed in black or color. The configuration is inside the System Options Report menu.

Examples of reports with deviation colors switched OFF and color switched ON.

OFF - 

ON - 

4 - VTube UNISCAN and MULTISCAN now have a RETRY button for recalculating from a scan after adjusting the setup.

This allows users to try the same scan data again after setup changes are made - without requiring the user to rescan.  See the video for how to use the new RETRY command.

5 - The height of the Additional Data button in the Bender Setup page has been fixed.

Version 4.3 Build 1606 - June 18, 2024

1 - We fixed the inner diameter measure value calculation to return the correct value with proper probe compensation.

2 - We added a popup menu to the LASER tab to allow a quick toggle of the default LASER state while scanning.

3 - Fixed text created when building space object planes so that they say "Plane."

Version 4.3 Build 1605 - June 12, 2024

1 - We fixed a bug where the circle space object would not build from the Point Cloud control if there was no link specified.  Now the circle will build.

2 - We added Measure PLANE from PROBE in the Measure Process menu.

3 - We reorganized Point Cloud Control interface with a new "From Probe" tab menu with Plane, Circle, and Flange builders designed to work with probed points.

Version 4.3 Build 1603 - June 11, 2024

1 - We removed the multiple graphics redraws when aligning assemblies to save time. 

2 - We fixed a bug for when the Assembly control creates individual bends from a selected part. The bends are now always created from MASTER data rather than MEASURED data.

3 - We fixed a bug in Assembly control for when it copied all tube MEASURED data to MASTER data. Previous versions would delete the tube currently in the user interface.

4 - VTube-LASER now automatically switches end scans OFF in measure setup when breaking out single bends from a single selected part in the assembly.

Version 4.3 Build 1597 - June 10, 2024

1 - Fixed a bug in circle space object clocking angle calculation where the calculation would be skipped when it should not be.

2 - Fixed hints behind the Perspective buttons above the viewports

Version 4.3 Build 1591 - June 7, 2024

1 - VTube-LASER Measure Process buttons can now be arranged and made visible or invisible.

2 - A new Perspective toggle button is added above the viewports in both VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER.

Version 4.3 Build 1590 - June 6, 2024

1 - The Circle Space Object capability has been added to VTube-STEP. 

Version 4.3 Build 1588 - June 4, 2024

1 - New Measure a Circle with a Ball Probe added in Measure Process

2 - New menu for building circle space objects from points

3 - New circle clocking to bend plane angle setup in Point Cloud control window

4 - New popup menu in the Space Objects grid

5 - New Popup menu for Point Cloud Control grid

6 - New Create Empty Space Object in Space Object control

7 - UniScan Probe Centerline mode no longer reports intersection errors

8 - UniScan Probe Centerline mode no longer reports Dual Cylinder Fit errors