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About the Supravision Network Protocol

The Supravision network protocol has been used in tube fabrication for easy communications between measuring centers and benders for 30+ years. Here are the basics of how it works.

  • The protocol requires that two computers (the measuring center and the bender) be configured to access the same shared folder on a network.  (Use standard networking for the infrastructure.)
  • Each software package is configured so that it knows the path shared.
  • The bender is configured to know its unique number - from 1 to 100.
  • The measuring center is configured to know that this bender is present.
  • The measuring center can send commands to that bender by dropping files in the shared folder.
  • That bender responds to commands from the measuring center when the file uses its unique bender number.  All other benders will ignore the file's presence because they know the data file does not contain their unique number.

The measuring center can perform two basic commands.  It can send data, or it can request data.

  1. NEW SEND: One type of send is meant for sending NEW data to establish a new part at the bender.

  2. CORRECTION SEND: The second type of send is used for correcting the data on the bender after measuring the part.

  3. A RECALL at the measuring center brings the current bender setup into VTube-LASER. This allows VTube-LASER to correct the latest setup by requesting the latest data from the bender.

See the Infrastructure Setup Notes for IT Departments.