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HEXAGON RDS AS1 Scanner Setup Recommendations - Blue Laser

This page is for the AS1 blue laser scanner.  For the RS5 red laser scanner, see this page:

Enter the RDS Control Panel.
If the laser scanner is not selected, select it in the Probe menu.
After selecting it, you will see an AS1 button in the left navigation pane of buttons like this.
Press the AS1 button.

To change all the RDS variables in the AS1 menu, change the user mode to Advanced.

1 - Press the user button.
2 - Press the Advanced button.
3 - Enter the Password.
4 - Press OK. 

The following RDS AS1 setup is recommended for using VTube-LASER with HEXAGON arms and the AS1 (blue laser) scanners.

Set the high gain to ON for highly reflective parts (like chrome or stainless).

We recommend that you save the configuration setup for the AS1 scanner in VTube like this:

If you have both reflective and non-reflective tube surfaces, then you can also save a reflective scanner setup for VTube like this:

After making changes to the AS1 setup, RDS will place a Save button in the lower right corner. Press the Save button to keep the changes.