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Hardware Keys

Advanced Tubular uses a device called a  hardware key" or "dongle" to control licensing.


SecureDongle X Hardware Keys

As of June of 2014, we started using the SecureDongleX dongle.
 Since that time, most of our software licenses are controlled by these dongles.
 Each SecureDongle X device can be set to control a permanent or time-limited license.
 The benefit of SecureDongle X over the HASP keys for customers is that the SecureDongle X keys require no special Windows driver. They are plug-and-play devices.

Safenet HASP Hardware Keys

For software that was released before mid 2014, we use hardware keys that was manufactured by Safenet (which purchased the original company Aladdin Knowledge Systems). The Safenet model we use is called the "HASP".

This is a permanent Key. I thas no expiration.

This is a time-limited key. It contains a clock and can expire.

When do we send time-limited keys?


Is extending the time limit possible?

Yes. There are many circumstances where extending the time limit in a hardware key is normal. The keys can be updated through e-mails and internet downloads. (See Extending Time-Limited Keys for adding time to time-limited keys)


Installing the HASP Hardware Key Windows Device Driver

Each Windows system with a hardware key must have a hardware key driver installed using one of our driver installation programs. If this driver is not installed, our software will not find the key even if it is plugged into the computer.

Using the SafeNet Driver


Using the Legacy HASP Driver


Using Windows Server Terminal Services


Key: Licensing and Securing

We program a license code into each hardware key that grants our customers the right to use the purchased software license. (See Software License Program ID List for a list of Program IDs used to control the licenses of our products) Empty or non-programmed keys are relatively inexpensive. However, keys with a software license code programmed into them take on the value of the price of the software license. Extra care should be taken to protect these keys: A lost or stolen hardware key is the equivalent of a lost or stolen license programmed into the key. We suggest that you insure the KEY for the value of the license. If the key is stolen, whoever has it can run our license software unimpeded. Its replacement cost is the price of a new license.

Document for Managers

You can download and share our Hardware Key Value document with managers responsible for securing the license at your facility. The document shares the value of the hardware key and how to proceed if it is lost or stolen. It includes information on insuring the key for the value of the software license.