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How to Manually Backup Entire VTube Configurations

Method 1 - Use a High-Level Backup of the Configuration from Inside VTube

Method 2a - Make Manual Backup Copies of the Configuration

Another simple way to back up a VTube configuration is to make a copy of the VTube configuration folder using File Explorer.  (This method is only recommended for IT managers and VTube operators who are confident with file copy procedures in Windows.)  This method is excellent for keeping a backup of the configuration in case you need to recover it later.

1 - Close the VTube in the system to backup

2 - Open the File Explorer and browse to C:\Users\Public\Documents.

3 - Make a copy of the VTube folder by selecting the folder and pressing Ctrl-C.

4 - Browse to the new location (like a thumb drive or a network location) and paste the copied folder.

Method 2b - Using the Backup Folder to Copy Configurations to Other VTube Computers

You can also copy this folder into other VTube computers to allow this configuration to be used by the new target VTube computer.

If you do this, it's a good idea to make a backup copy of the VTube folder inside the target computer first (as a fail-safe).

 Before continuing - check the versions of VTube
The source and target computers must have the same VTube version and build before copying a configuration to the target computer.  If the versions and builds are not the same, then the VTube target computer may be unable to use the new configuration files.  Click the top toolbar Information button to check the current version for both VTubes before you copy a configuration.

Assuming that you want to copy the configuration, we will pickup where we left off in Method 2a - Step 4 above.

5 - Close VTube on the target computer.

6 - Copy and paste the VTube folder into the target folder.



7 - Delete the original VTube folder.

8 - Copy the backup version of the VTube from the source computer into the target computer. 

9 - Load the target VTube.

The target VTube will now be using the new configuration.