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How to Create A New Cut Plane

VTube Cut Plane

Reasons for Cut Planes

VTube-LASER can measure a part on a flat surface using the Cut Plane feature. Cut Planes will remove any laser points beyond the measured plane.

However, please be careful about the type of surface you use for Cut Planes. For example, shiny or glass Cut Planes will not work well.  

The issue with Cut Planes is not a lack of flatness but that certain types of surfaces can create fliers. Take care to mitigate this problem by paying 

attention to the type of Cut Plane surface. If the Cut Plane surface is reflective or has chamfered holes, it may cause issues.  

We prefer to use a black rubber mat for our Cut Plane surface. Darker surfaces with a flat finish are ideal. Concrete floors are excellent. Dark grey granite surfaces are suitable, but 

you must avoid scanning over embedded threaded holes on the granite tables. 

Video Tutorial for How to Create A Cut Plane

Watch the video below showing how to create a new Cut Plane.

If using the laser to measure the cut plane, make sure the Planar Normal Angle Filter is set to at least 20 degrees in the Measure Setup > Planar tab

Diameter Cut Plane 

After creating a Cut Plane, make sure to learn about Diameter Cut Planes