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How to Install a MOXA NPort Device Driver in a Windows Computer

STEP 1: Find and Configure the Benderlink MOXA Device on the LAN using the DCU Software

Follow these steps to find a MOXA NPort with factory settings.

1 - Download and install the MOXA Device Search Utility

2 - Plug in the MOXA to the LAN.

3 - Power the MOXA. (Note: Plug in the LAN cable first, then power the MOXA on.)

4 - Run DSU that you just installed.

5 - Click on the "Search" button.


6 - DSU will warn you of duplicate IP addresses. You can ignore this warning.

7 - Double-click on the MOXA to configure.

MOXA DCU Original Results.png

8 - DSU will load a web browser and allow MOXA to serve a web page.

9 - Login to the MOXA server. The login credentials are user: admin and password: moxa

MOXA DCU Original Results With BrowswerLogin.png

10 - Change the IP address values to the new values based on what your IT department has set aside for use. Be sure to make each address remain the same (Static) so that the VTube-LASER or Benderlink computer can find the MOXA correctly in the future.

NPort Web Console NPort2150A.png

11 - Press SUBMIT when you are 100% that the new values are correct. The MOXA will reboot. You will need to re-login into the MOXA with the new address using the DCU software.

NPort System Reboot Request.png

STEP 2: Configure Virtual COM Ports With the NPort Windows Driver Manager

Use this video to learn how to install a MOXA device driver for connection to a bender for linking to a virtual COM port through a network.

This video assumes that the MOXA device is completely programmed and attached to the bender network through a LAN cable or Wireless connection.

Moxa driver installation video.png

  1. Download and install the MOXA NPort Windows Driver Manager

  2. Run the "nport" program that was just installed.

  3. Click on the "Add" button.

  4. Click on the "Search" button and find the MOXA device you just set up using the DCU software.

  5. Close the Search window then add this device as a COM port.

  6. Continue adding COM ports until the list is complete.

  7. Note the COM port numbers because you will need them for setting up our software for communication with the MOXA device.

NPort Windows Driver Manager with Arrow to Add.png

NPort Windows Driver Manager with ports added.png

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