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Benderlink Ethernet Module - Warranty and Installation Information

This article covers the warranty for Benderlink Ethernet Modules and the rules/terms we offer for these modules.

1 - Benderlink Ethernet Module Warranty

2 - Instructions for Technical Assistance During Installation

3 - Typical Installation Diagram for Eaton Leonard Benders

4 - How to Install the TCP/IP Connection to a Benderlink Ethernet Module

  1. See this page to learn how MOXA NPort devices work inside the Benderlink Ethernet Modules:

  2. For a high-level driver setup from a Windows computer, you can use the steps on this page: (For most installations, we recommend that you follow the steps in the driver page above. The direct connection page below is a lower-level way to make a direct connection to the NPort device using a web browser.)

  3. For configuration from a web browser, you can follow the steps on this page: